What the fuck am I, a house-sitter?

Alright, so, I'm not sure what the hell I'm supposed to be doing here, or what's going on. Lexaeus pretty much said I'd be helping him, and you guys by extension, and that's fine and dandy by me. Problem is, he took off the morning after to go to work, and he hasn't come back yet; it's been a while, seriously. So I've got no direction, no way to learn the ropes, none of that shit. Did the guy go off on some secret mission or whatever and conveniently forget to tell me he'd be gone for a while? Get killed by that Resistance thing? What?

I figured I'll turn the question over to you guys, 'cause I've got nothing, seriously. What now?

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#1- Testing shit out

The sheer amount of pure, undiluted stupid in this place is overwhelming. I mean, fucking hell, seriously. Between the locals and the message board, it practically fucking burns. I seriously hope that shit isn't contagious or anything like that. Anyone out there who's actually got some not-so-common sense, hit me up; strength in numbers and all that good stuff. Or should I say misery loves company, in this case?

Anyhow, this is just a test, I guess. I'll post something actually substantial when I've stopped satisfying my morbid--or masochistic, same fucking difference here--curiosity as to just what people have been talking about on these things.
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