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Ye Sinners, Repent!

I said repent! Do it or I'll fucking kill you, seriously!

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(Note: A bit of speculation in here. Because really, the background and information they gave him? Barest bones ever. Seriously lacking.)

Character: Hidan
Series: Naruto
Version: Manga, post-burial
Age: He's immortal, so he doesn't really age--he's 22, and just barely looks it.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Unknown, but probably bisexual; he'd likely be willing to fool around with anyone, if they interested and amused him enough.

Appearance: Hidan, to speak in the most clichéd terms possible, looks angelic. Sublime, beatific, otherworldly.... It's all the same. His faith and conviction in it lends him a certain radiance, and good looks in the first place don't hurt at all. Straight platinum hair is neatly slicked back over his head, long enough to reach the nape of his neck, complimented by vivid lavender eyes and a flawless fair complexion. Hidan has a sharp-featured, high-boned, somewhat aristocratic face that lends itself well to righteous wrath and arrogance, both of which he's sure to display on a regular basis. For the company that he keeps, Hidan is remarkably expressive; you can't easily fail to know what he's thinking and feeling just by looking at him.

Hidan is more than willing to take advantage of his good looks, as well; he's a fairly tall, well-toned man, and goes shirtless to flaunt this fact. Even wearing his typical Akatsuki cloak, a black knee-length affair with a tall collar and white-lined red clouds, he leaves it at least half-open to make it obvious. All the better to show off his religion, too; he wears a silver rosary around his neck, complete with a pendant of the symbol of Jashinism, a circle with an upside-down triangle inscribed in it. He wears his headband around his neck as well, dark blue with three vertical, wavy lines engraved on the plate--which have long since been scratched out, of course. Aside from that, his attire is typical for his organization, with full-length black pants, mid-shin-length white legwarmers, dark blue sandals, and impeccably manicured, purple-polished finger and toenails.

All in all, he could probably easily spend two hours and a fair amount of money--only the best organic products, thank you very much--primping each day; his body is a temple, so feel free to kneel and start worshipping at his altar.

Personality: Hidan, first and foremost, is an extremely expressive person, open and honest, wearing his heart on his sleeve. He thinks this, he feels this, and he's damned well going to let you know it, in the simplest and most direct way possible, usually involving copious amounts of swearing and bluntly caustic remarks, along with a dearth of tact. He's not deceptive or calculating, and admittedly isn't a genius; his simplicity and directness complement well his impatience and impulsiveness. He rarely needs anything but his pure and overwhelming conviction, both in himself and his god, Jashin; his consistent success encourages easy frustration when there are setbacks, and confidence that often spills into arrogance. When things do go well however, he's laid-back and friendly, even empathic, and not often one to hold grudges or lash out unless provoked. That he can actually manage to stay within a religion that has such annoyingly complicated, strict, time-consuming rituals and specifically set out to hurt people and himself is a testament to how deeply invested he is in it.

Still, this abiding faith leaves him painfully vulnerable on occasion; he's loyal to those that he sides with, and expects similar loyalty in return; betrayal and loss cut deeply for him, as does a lack of regard from those he considers important. Rather than letting himself be weak, he twists the energy around, turning pain and vulnerability into anger, sarcasm, snark, whining, and outright harrassment, from vicious banter to insistent proselytizing and conversion attempts--anything to keep them interested and interacting with him. Even punishment doesn't deter him from acting out; while he doesn't care much for material things, and doesn't seek out pain for its own sake, he takes considerable pleasure in being able to endure pain others would not, and in sharing someone's suffering with them. (Besides, any attention is good attention in the end, right?) His single-minded zealotry also gives him a purpose to devote his immortality towards; having his cause stripped from him, or even having cause to doubt it, is liable to plunge him into apathy and depression.

Fears: Unlike most people, Hidan fears neither death nor pain, nor terrible violence or even hideous monsters. In fact, he almost fears the opposite--life and peace, in some sense, frighten him, especially the thought of them being interminable. He's lived in a completely peaceful place, where life was utterly stagnant and real advancement and mastery, in his eyes, were all but impossible. It was a miserable thing, feeling so useless and oppressed, so restrained, forbidden to grow into himself and who he really was. Living forever really would be the ultimate torment, never getting to join the beautiful cycle of destruction and rebirth that Jashinism espouses; as such, he is just a bit suicidal.

He also fears helplessness and abandonment; being trapped and immobilized are both terrifying, and he hates the thought of betrayal. Thatt's why he's so close to people he trusts, (even if he doesn't show it) and why he gets so angry and hurt when they aren't able to or won't come through for him. Being buried alive, therefore, struck a violently personal chord with him--it was bascally the summation of everything he hated and feared, condensed into one punishment, and lasting for an unknown length of time--maybe forever, for all he knew.

Abilities/Weaponry: Hidan has the basic range of techniques any jounin would know, with a primary elemental affinity for water, and a secondary affinity of wind. His faith in Jashinism grants him functional immortality: he can recover from even fatal wounds within minutes, but can't regrow missing limbs and such himself. He can even remain alive after being decapitated, though doing so does paralyze him until his head is replaced. His Jashinism also gives him a voodoo-like ritual allowing pain to be shared with his victim, so long as he is able to consume some of their blood and remain within his ritual circle.

He also happens to be incredibly fast and agile, and surprisingly maneuverable, almost dance-like in combat; the fact that he uses polearms as weapons gives him perfect tools to vault and perform aerial strikes with. He's also pretty good at problem-solving and pattern recognition, in spite of being a bit willfully dense; he can figure out what's going on and take steps to improve the situation or get out of a problem, with a bit of time. As for emotional and psychological strengths.... go look at the Personality section? They're all there.

His primary weapon is a large red and silver scythe with three blades, tied to his wrist with a thick cable; its designed not to kill, but increase the chances that blood will be drawn, and he wields it at both close and long ranges. He also has a collapsible pike, used for more precise and debilitating damage. Along with those, he has the typical ninja gear in terms of weapons, including kunai in a variety of shapes and sizes, shuriken, and explosive tags.

Weaknesses: Out of the criminal group he's a member of, he is reputedly the slowest and weakest-attacking member, and his combat techniques are somewhat rigid; while he is graceful and swift in a fight, he tends to rely only on a small subset on his knowledge, which happens to be quite possibe to analyze and guard against, if he doesn't kill you first. He's not amazingly intelligent or a brilliant strategist, even if he has a decent eye, and usually discounts the stealth and deception that are essential to so many ninja tactics, facts that are made even easier to exploit by his arrogance.

He doesn't have immense strength or power reserves either, and tends to get easily frustrated and impatient when things aren't going his way. He's deeply dependent on external forces--allies, friends, his god--to maintain his own self-worth and sense of purpose, as well as his longevity in battle--without Kakuzu there to sew his head back on, he's able to be defeated by a simple beheading, even if he is still alive afterwards.

Though it probably won't be an issue here, Hidan doesn't know it, but his immortality is conditional. He needs to keep killing to remain immortal. While how much and how often he needs to kill is unclear, if he is rendered incapable of slaughter, then eventually, his immortality will probably wear off.

History: Hidan was born in Yugakure (the Village Hidden In Hot Springs), a peaceful shinobi village that was reputed to have forgotten war. With its peaceful atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and abundance of natural hot springs, the village had a roaring tourism business--in spite of, you know, supposedly being hidden--that left it almost completely outside of the usual web of war, politics, and intrigue that ensnared most other villages. Their training reflected this as well; ninjas were more a matter of tradition by now than anything else, a source of ready labor and pool from which skilled policemen or entertainers could be drawn from. Needless to say, with no real missions to sustain them, the pay sucked. Being a ninja wasn't really suitable as a full-time career.

This naturally frustrated Hidan to no end; he had trained and worked hard for this, and dammit, he wanted his ninja skills to not go to waste. He forged his way through the ranks with all the tenacity and faith of a man pursuing a dream, working as a stage performer simply to earn enough to continue pursuing the career he actually wanted to stay in; dancing, if nothing else, was active enough to keep him from going soft and idle. Most of the villagers liked things this way; almost nobody wanted to be a ninja to be a ninja anymore, and he had little in the way of competition, or support. He didn't even have an outlet for his ambitions--Yugakure didn't even have an ANBU to let him really be a dedicated, specialized ninja the way any other village did.

That was why he leapt at the chance to join Jashinism. They gave him everything he had wanted since he was a child--a way to fight, to prove himself, to be useful and strong. Their god didn't feel like it was a sin to want something more than a mediocre life, or to kill people, or to be angry and frustrated and bored because the teaching he had received didn't quite reflect reality properly. They encouraged him to express himself and his feelings, to discover his inner strength and power, and to trust in a higher power to take care of him. Jashin was the storm that shook his life, that showed him that life didn't have to be--in fact, shouldn't be--stagnant and static, wasted.

His moronic compatriots didn't understand, of course. He demonstrated for them, just so they could see, so they could know what they were really missing. They still didn't understand, and so of course they condemned and attacked him for his new beliefs, and rejected the immortality he had been blessed with as obscene and unnatural.

That was why he had to kill them. It was the only way they would learn.

He wandered for a while, gaining a fearsome reputation as a missing-nin as he expanded his practice of Jashinism; he had no overarching goals to pursue, no grand ambitions to drive him, and no affiliations to bind him down, making him a dangerous loose cannon to all parties. Soon, his escapades were enough to attract the attention of the Akatsuki. Hidan was reluctant to accept their invitation; after being burned once, he didn't like the idea of being held back again by another group. It seemed to be the best option all around though, (especially when to refuse was to request death instead) especially if he really did want to put his skills to good use, so he ultimately did join them--specifically to be Kakuzu's partner so they wouldn't lose more good members to the man's homicidal rages. Despite their complementary skills and excellent teamwork, the two were nothing alike, and were in a state of constant conflict due to their clashing values.

Eventually, the pair hunted down and captured Yugito Nii, the two-tailed bijuu assigned to Hidan, and went to look for Kakuzu's assignment. During their search, Kakuzu tricked Hidan into coming into the Fire Temple to kill Chiriku, a monk with a 30 million ryo bounty on his head. While waiting for the transaction to finish, Asuma and a few other Konoha ninjas attempted to avenge Chiriku's death by fatally wounding Hidan. A fight broke out, wherein Hidan fatally wounded Asuma in return, but he and Kakuzu were prevented from finishing the group off by the Akatsuki leader calling them away to participate in a sealing ritual. By the time they had returned, an ambush was ready for them; Shikamaru led Hidan away from the main group to a prepared battlefield laced with razor wire and explosive tags; after a lengthly bout of distraction with his shadow jutsus, Shikamaru tangled and pierced Hidan with a multitude of wires, and covered him with explosive tags, dangling him over a deep pit. Hidan was blasted to pieces and buried alive as revenge for killing Asuma, and remained that way for over a month before he was brought to Dollsy.

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